A show to enter the imagination of Paul Klee

A unique work

“Color possesses me, I have no need to pursue it, I know it possesses me forever… Color and I are one. I'm a painter. ”  Paul Klee

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The color of dreams

Visual theater show for all audiences inspired by the work of Paul Klee and the Bauhaus. According to Paul Klee, "a drawing is a line that goes for a walk."

What a wonderful phrase to get into Paul Klee’s imagination and walk beside him.

Dance, magic, object manipulation, puppets, sign language and black theater have allowed us to explore his work and discover the painter, musician, puppeteer, sculptor, philosopher and Klee. , Bauhaus master.

We enjoy the collaboration of Vassil Lambrinov of Blaumut who plays live and has composed the music.

Singers: Sol Vicente, Eugenia Morales, Miia Pitkanen, Gerald Sommier.

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Everyone who participated

Artistic team

Artistic direction: Teia Moner
Assistant Director: Miquel Espinosa
Performers: Cristina Bertran, Helena Rodríguez, Gerald Sommier, Laia Mora
Girl voice: Giulia Cañas
Musician: Vassil Lambrinov
Choreography: Olga Lladó and Addaura Visual Theater
Lighting Design: Eugenia Morales and Teia Moner
Original music: Vassil Lambrinov 
Cat Voices: Sol Vicente, Miia Pitkanen, Gerald Sommier and Eugenia Morales
Design, construction of objects and scenography:
Teia Moner, Miquel Espinosa, Anna Teixidó and Montse Baquès

Changing room: The Pink Monkey, Carme Trías, Teia Moner, Anna Teixidó and Spécial Costumes
Singers: Sol Vicente, Eugenia Morales, Miia Pitkanen, Gerald Sommier
Dance and puppet manipulation consultant: Duda Paiva
Magic Advisors: Enric Magoo and Màgic Sergio
Clown Advisor: Pepa Plana
Juggling Advisor: GoFast Diegolow
Sign language advisors: Marta Vinardell, Silvia Osuna and Cristina Bertran
Photography: Jota and Teia Moner
Video: Sofia Amadori




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