The universe of Joan Brossa

Finalist for the 2018 MAX Awards for the Performing Arts

‘The artistic genres are different means of expressing the same reality. They are the sides of the same pyramid which converge at the highest point'  Joan Brossa

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A world of poetry

This show emerged from an interest in exploring and experimenting with the merger of avant-garde poetry and contemporary dance, targeted at children

It is a piece based on visual poetry where dance, magic, objects, projections, puppets and shadow puppets all blend together. It is a quest which leads us to fit all of this together without losing the meaning that the artist wants to convey in each work.
We have been advised by the Fundació Joan Brossa.

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Cast and crew

Artistic direction: Teia Moner
Assistant Director: Miquel Espinosa
Performers: Cristina Bertran, Helena Rodríguez, Gerald Sommier, Laia Mora
Girl’s voice: Miriam Rosell
Sound design: Miquel Espinosa
Choreography: Eugenia Morales, Helena Rodríguez, JC Castillo, Addaura
Construction props, puppets and shadows: Cristina Bertran and Teia Moner

Adapted script: Teia Moner and Cristina Bertran
Author of the poems: Joan Brossa
Magic consultants: Brando and Silvana
Costume creation: Modart and Sombrerería Mercadé
Costume design: Modart
Lighting design: Eugenia Morales
Photography: Jota and Teia Moner




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