The inspiration of Alexander Calder

Nominated for the 2016 MAX Awards

Alexander Calder

He is best known for being the creator of the mobiles, a type of sculpture kinetics which move by the action of an engine or by the action of air currents.

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Art in motion

Visual theater show for all audiences with magic, dance, puppets, shadows, black light and circus inspired by the work of the American artist, Alexander Calder. An artist who bases his work on movement and non-movement.

His imagination has fascinated us and allowed us to discover new scenic elements, giving rise to a creative burst in circulation.

Two other types of sculpture by Calder himself are closely related to mobiles: standing mobiles and stables, which have a long evolution from the first abstract sculptures to monumental forms, where movement and empty spaces are fundamental.

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Everyone who participated

Artistic team

Artistic direction: Teia Moner
Assistant Director: Miquel Espinosa
Performers: Cristina Bertran, Helena Rodríguez, Gerald Sommier, Laia Mora
Sound design: Miquel Espinosa
Choreography: Eugenia Morales, Laia Santanach, Olga Lledó, Addaura Visual Theater
Construction props, puppets and scenery: David Palou, Marina Gonzalez, Anna Teixidó, Cristina Bertran and Teia Moner

Script: Teia Moner
Magic Advisors: Brando and Silvana
Dressmaking: Modart
Design props, costumes, puppets and scenery: David Palou and Teia Moner
Lighting design: Eugenia Morales
Photography: Jota and Teia Moner



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