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Addaura, is an Italian word that gives its name to some Paleolithic caves that are on Mount Pellegrino in Palermo. In one of them, on the stone, human figures are drawn. They form a circle as if they were dancing.  I discovered them by chance and I think they were waiting for us, in silence, to present us with the name of the company. Wonders of life.

Teia Moner

The project

We did it

Many years ago, my daughter and dancer, Cristina Bertran, proposed to me the creation of a dance show with her fellow promoters. After thinking about it I decided to create a theater group that bases its work on the concern of exploration and experimentation by merging the performing disciplines.

I let flow with rigor and enthusiasm all my imagination and theatrical techniques that, for more than forty years, I have worked in some moments of my artistic career in this creative project called Addaura Visual Theater.

Eight dreamers

The company

Teia Moner

Artistic director of Addaura Visual Theater. She is an actress, magician, puppeteer, writer, teacher and therapeutic pedagogue. He has won several awards throughout his career. You can delve into its rich imaginary by logging on to the website.

Cristina Bertran

Co-founder of Addaura Visual Theater. He trains in contemporary, classical, jazz and tap dance in different schools: SA NAU Dance, Anna Maleras School, Maxime d'Harroche among others. She has a degree in Speech Therapy, Special Education and Emotional Education Technician.

Gerald Sommier

Versatile artist, dancer by training and of French origin. He trained in Paris and then continued in Barcelona as a professional. Dance teacher and choreographer.

Helena Rodriguez

He started in the world of classical dance at the age of 6. He then works on different techniques such as jazz, contemporary, dance theater, lindy hop, and other theatrical disciplines such as clown, magic, acting and object manipulation. She is also a choreographer and dance teacher.

Miquel Espinosa

Pedagogue. Theater teacher and mime. Audio recording techniques for video and TV at IDEP (BCN). Member of the musical group VIA QUARTA and TRANSVIA. Sound technician Generalitat Catalunya Drama Center. Edition of bands for T de Teatre, Tricicle and Josep M Pou, among others.

Olga Lladó

Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Graduated from the Barcelona Theater Institute in the specialty of contemporary and awarded a scholarship at the International Workshop in Prague. He has worked with Les Impuxibles, Umma Umma Dance, Aracaladanza, Habemus Corpus, among others.

Vassil Lambrinov

He was born in Sofia (Bulgaria). At the age of seven he began to study music and violin with his father. Higher education at FolkwangHochschulefürMusik in Essen (Germany). He collaborates with the OBC and the Liceu Orchestra, among others. He is a member of the pop group Blaumut.

Laia Mora

Graduated from the Institut de Teatre de Barcelona in contemporary dance. Dance teacher and choreographer. He has worked with Sol Picó and Jana Bitterovà, among others. He has been in different companies such as Carne Agonizante in Brazil, Teatre el Molino in Barcelona and Cia Psicoproject.

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