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Addaura, is an Italian word which lends its name to palaeolithic grottoes found on Mount Pellegrino in Palermo. Human figures are drawn on the stone in one of the caves. They form a circle, as if they are dancing.  I discovered them by accident, and I think they were secretly waiting for us to gift us with the name of the company. Life’s unending wonders…

Teia Moner

The project

We’ve done it

Many years ago, my daughter, a dancer, Cristina Bertran, suggested that I create a dance show with classmates from her graduating class. After pondering the possibility, I decided to create a theatre group whose work was grounded upon the desire to explore and experiment by merging the different disciplines in the performing arts.

In this creative project called Addaura Teatre Visual, I allow my entire imagination and the theatre techniques which I have been working with off and on during the 40 years of my career as an artist to run wild with enthusiasm.

Eight dreamers

The company

Teia Moner

She is the artistic director of Addaura Teatre Visual. She is an actress, magician, puppeteer, writer, teacher and therapeutic pedagogue. She has won numerous prizes throughout her career. You can learn more about her rich imagination on her website.

Cristina Bertran

She is the co-founder of Addaura Teatre Visual. She has trained in contemporary, classical, jazz and tap dance at different schools, including SA NAU Dansa, Escola Anna Maleras, Maxime d’Harroche and others. She holds a diploma in Speech Pathology and Special Education and is a specialist in Emotional Education..

Gerald Sommier

He is a multifaceted artist originally from France who is trained as a dancer. He was trained in Paris and continued in Barcelona as a professional. He is a dance teacher and choreographer.

Helena Rodriguez

She got her start in classical dance at the age of 6. After that, she worked in different techniques like jazz, contemporary, theatre dance, the lindy hop and other disciplines from the performing arts like clowning, magic, performance and object theatre. She is also a choreographer and dance teacher.

Miquel Espinosa

He is an educator, theatre teacher and mime. He studied audio recording techniques for video and TV at IDEP (BCN). He is a member of the musical groups VIA QUARTA and TRANSVIA. He is a sound technician at the Centre Dramàtic Generalitat Catalunya. He has published soundtracks for T de Teatre, Tricicle and Josep M Pou, among others.

Olga Lladó

She is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She graduated from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona in the specialisation of contemporary dance and earned a grant at the International Workshop of Prague. She has worked with Les Impuxibles, Umma Umma Dance, Aracaladanza and Habemus Corpus, among others.

Vassil Lambrinov

He was born in Sophia (Bulgaria). At the age of seven he and his father began to study music and violin. He pursued higher education at the Folkwang Hochschule für Musik in Essen (Germany). He works with the OBC and the Liceu Opera House Orchestra, among others, and is a member of the pop group Blaumut.

Laia Mora

She is a graduate of the Theatre Institute of Barcelona in contemporary dance. She is a dance teacher and choreographer. She has worked with Sol Picó and Jana Bitterovà, among others. She has been in different companies like Carne Agonizante in Brazil, Teatre el Molino in Barcelona and Cia Psicoproject.

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